6000 athletes dominate the Reebok Spartan Race of Paris

Nearly 6,000 participants braved the elements to pace the various courses of the Spartan Race. The capricious weather of the last few weeks has not discouraged the irreducible. New layouts, new obstacles, and mud in abundance, this new Parisian edition has kept all its promises.

‘For this edition, in addition to the special conditions, we really wanted to bring something new and keep some difficulty with the obstacles. The Spartan Race’s trump card is the unknown, the track is kept secret until the start and the participants discover it as they go, ‘explains Olivier Castelli, Spartan Race Operations Manager. ‘I think that the other European Spartan Races should be inspired by the innovations made in France for the obstacles,’ says GrĂ©goire Rezzonico, an elite athlete.

Whether for fun or for competition, a single slogan reasoned during the day – the passing of oneself.

The participants were able to start on three routes:

Sprint: + 6km and 20+ obstacles, it is the ideal distance to have fun between friends or collaborators, for a first ‘test’ beginner OR to perform for the Elites!
Super: + 13km and 25+ obstacles, it is the intermediate race that requires a level of intensity superior to the Sprint.
The Junior Spartan Race met with great success with children, they were more than a hundred, all motivated to do even better than the big ones.

‘Elites’ or amateurs – Challenge everyone

For the victory or for a personal challenge, all the participants surpassed themselves on the race. ‘It was my first Spartan Race, the mud really complicated the race. But I’m proud to have finished, ‘said Matthieu, a 24-year-old engineer who came with his colleagues.

Among the elites, it is a beautiful family story that is written on the SPRINT race, as the young brother of the champion Grégoire Rezzonico finished third. The Spartan Relief is assured!

On the French side, it is the women who shine on all the races by occupying almost all the steps of the podium in SPRINT and SUPER.

About Spartan Breed:

Born in the scenic Vermont mountains of the United States, Spartan Race was created by endurance athletes, mountaineers, and ex-servicemen to bring the excitement of obstacle racing to athletes and spectators alike. This means that with 130 events in 15 countries and on 6 continents in 2014, Spartan Race is accessible to the majority of riders in the world.

The Spartan Race is an adventure in which everyone can participate. With race distances of 5 + km (Sprint), 12 + km (Super) and 20+ km (Beast), each event is filled with mud, water and obstacles designed to let you discover your inner warrior. Athletes of all levels will enjoy participating in a Spartan Race and enjoy the sense of accomplishment at the finish line.

Spartan Race also organizes races for children and young adults, the Spartan Junior. We believe that fitness and adventure must be for the whole family. Come watch your children run, jump, and climb thanks to a race and obstacles adapted to their size.

To get the most out of your game, we have everything you need to prepare yourself: Workout of the day, nutritional advice and free training in cities where the Spartan Races are organized. Spartan Race is not only an obstacle course but is also a lifestyle in its own right.

About Reebok

Headquartered in Massachusetts, United States, Reebok International Ltd. is a leading global marketer in the design, marketing and distribution of footwear, apparel, and sport and lifestyle apparel. Reebok is a pioneer in the sports industry. It is part of the history of running, training and fitness. Reebok develops products, technologies and programs enabling its customers to do sport by revealing the potential that is in them. Reebok connects with fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life, whether they are passionate about training, running, walking, dancing, yoga or aerobics. Reebok Classics builds on the fitness legacy of the brand and represents the roots of Reebok in the lifestyle market. The activity of this subsidiary of the adidas Group encompasses the many divisions of Reebok, Reebok-CCM Hockey and Sports Licensed Division. Reebok is the exclusive supplier of CrossFit and Reebok CrossFit Games, the official sponsor of the Reebok Spartan Race, the exclusive supplier of the UFC and the exclusive supplier of Les Mills textile products.

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